A dry basement is important for any home or building because a damp foundation can wreak havoc in many ways.

Our basement and foundation experts will know which method is best for your home if you choose to waterproof from the outside.

It is possible to stop the problems before they start.

What Is Exterior Basement Waterproofing?

Water seepage into the foundation or basement of any structure can be prevented or corrected with basement waterproofing.

A way in which this can be done is with an exterior waterproof system installed to the outside of the foundation.

When building new construction or when conditions warrant this type of remedy to prevent water seepage from the outside, exterior waterproofing is an excellent solution to consider.

Is Exterior Waterproofing Better Than Interior Waterproofing?

The pros and cons of basement waterproofing methods must be considered when choosing a method.

There are many other factors that need to be considered when choosing which method is better.

When used in the right way, exterior and interior waterproofs are equally effective in preventing or eliminating water seepage.

When conditions warrant it, exterior and interior waterproofing should be considered along with one another.

The decision of which basement barrier to use should be made with an experienced foundation service that can diagnose drainage and seepage issues and come up with the best solution.

In areas where there are known to be problems with foundation cracks and damp basements, exterior waterproofing is recommended.

How Does Exterior Basement Waterproofing Work?

It is possible to protect the outside foundation walls from the effects of ground pressure basement waterproofing and water.

The water barrier won’t be damaged by ground shifting and the pressure of the water barrier.

The two-part barrier method with an in-ground drainage and water collection system under the edges of the walls can be installed either at the time the foundation is being built or after.

The inside of the basement is completely dry even after the ground is replaced around the foundation.

Waterproof Your Basement Before The Leaking Starts

If you want a waterproof solution for your foundation or basement, seal it off before there is a chance for water to get into it.

It may not be enough in certain situations.

An exterior basement waterproofing method can be used to protect the finest foundation cracks caused by hydrostatic pressure.

A dry basement and building is the result of water not being able to pass through the barrier.

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