If you want to repair your garage door, you should spend half the cost of a new garage door.

Today, the garage door is used more and more. Repairs and replacements are needed much sooner than in previous years garage door repair. Most homeowners don’t know how to fix or replace their garage door, so they leave it to a professional. The average price for garage door repair and replacement will be discussed in this article so you can make an informed decision.

Sit back and enjoy the read.

Price Increases and Supply Shortages

Let’s address the elephant in the room.

I would have to rewrite the article if it was written before 2020. The equivalent of thirty years of price increases has been given to the garage door companies. When 2020 passed, we thought the worst of times were behind us, but then in 2021. It was one of the most trying times for a service company to be in.

The average price increase for garage door parts has ranged from 100 to 300% on average. You didn’t read it wrong. There are parts that are ten times more expensive than we were. In 2020 the price increases were so fast that many contractors and service companies had to change their estimates and quotes to say they were only good for a few days. It used to be good for 30 to 60 days.

There is no parts availability. For the first time in our tenure as service business owners, distributors have no idea when a product will be available. Your product will arrive when it arrives, because the factory has communicated a long lead times. Explain that to a customer who is spending a lot of money with you.

The discounts, bulk buys, combo packs, and loyalties were thrown out the window. Every man has been fighting for every part on their truck because of the limited supplies. Gas prices have gone up. Go easy on the company. They are under a lot of pressure. Don’t ask for discounts and coupons, instead ask for quality parts and great service. We need it more and more.

Think long and hard before giving a bad review. Smaller service companies are spending a lot of time trying to find products that they can use to fix your home. Most of this is done before the sun rises. The last few years have doubled their workload. If you think about it for a day or two, some companies don’t deserve a one-star review.

Garage Door Repair & Replacement Pricing Chart

Garage Door Repair & Replacement Pricing Chart

Depending on where you live, garage door repair and replacement can be different. The chart provides an average low price and high price based on years of experience, discussions with garage door professionals, and online averages. If you can find a company that quotes at the middle of the range, then you are on the right track. We explain each repair and make recommendations based on experience.

Torsion Spring Repair Cost

A broken spring. There is a two inch gap in the spring.

$175-$300 to replace one spring

$250-$450 to replace two springs

(including parts, labor, and service call)

Nothing happens without the spring. The automatic opener is only there for convenience, and many homeowners don’t realize a spring is what lifts the door. Standard single car non-insulated garage doors weigh around 90 pounds while double car width doors weigh around 160 pounds. The steel back insulated double car doors are very heavy.

Single car garage doors have one spring, while double car width garage doors have two springs. The cost to replace one spring can be anywhere from $175 to $300, while the cost to replace two springs can be anywhere from $250 to $450. The numbers are averages and highly dependent on where you live.

If you have a heavy garage door, you may be able to have three or four springs. The cost of each additional spring will increase. The springs for some heavy residential garage doors are custom cut. Depending on where your service company gets the springs, they will vary greatly. How much they charge to cut and build springs can vary greatly.

Extension Spring Repair Cost

There is a broken loop end. Extensions break on the ends.

$150-$250 to replace two extension springs

(including parts, labor, and service call)

You can find extension springs on the left side of the garage door and ride by the horizontal tracks. They stretch as the garage door goes down. The garage door needs two pulleys on each side to work. The end of the spring is when they break most of the time.

The springs are sprung. The extra strain on your garage door opener is caused by them not pulling their weight. They need to be changed.

The cost to replace two springs will be between $150 and $250. It is best to replace extension springs in pairs because each spring has the same pulling power. The other spring is not far behind if one is broken. Replacing the springs in pairs will save you money in service calls.

Wayne Dalton Torquemaster Spring Conversion Cost

Wayne Dalton Torquemaster Spring above garage door.

$300-$550 depending on the size of door

(including parts, labor, and service call)

Home builders have been using the Wayne Dalton Torquemaster spring system for the last ten years or so. There is a tube above the garage door that has small springs inside. When the spring breaks, the door will lock itself in the up position, because it has anti-drop protection.

Torquemaster spring vs standard torsion spring.

The Torquemaster spring can be converted to a standard spring by most garage door companies. A pair of springs and longer cables and shaft will add to the cost of your garage door.

After the Torquemaster spring conversion, the garage door will look similar to this one. The garage door has a shaft above it.

The end product will be higher quality if the conversion is done. The service is more expensive because it requires new cables, drums, bearing plates, spring pads, and all the hardware to install it properly. These parts are what you see on a standard garage door, but builder grade garage doors have found a way to eliminate many parts to save money.

The parts are needed to convert a Torquemaster to a spring.

At the time of writing, the parts are at an all time high. The Torquemaster spring inside the tube should be replaced with a torsion spring. You will end up with a better product.

Garage Door Off Track Repair Cost

The garage door can be repaired by a garage door company.

$150-$350 depending on severity

(including labor and service call)

A garage door that is considered to be off track could be something as simple as a cable off the drum and laying on the ground. The price for this service will be different depending on the severity of your repair. Depending on how bad the door is, you can expect to pay between $150 and $350. The technical know-how is what you’re paying for

This is the flying squirrel. The garage door is being held up by the garage door opener.

When a garage door is malfunctioning, the homeowner or their neighbor think you can easily fix it, but that is not the case. I’m all for saving money, but I want you to know what you’re doing. There is a garage door for every action. A simple door off track that would cost you $150 to have fixed can easily turn into a door laying on the ground.

The garage door is being held up by an opener.

The garage door was put back on track. If the sections are in good shape, a garage door company will be able to put the sections back in the tracks. This is a much more severe case and usually involves taking the sections apart, re-stacking them, and changing the springs which will cost more.

There is a garage door in front of it. You don’t see it very often.

We have repaired hundreds of off track garage doors and we have hundreds of photos of them. Every off track garage door presents a new set of challenges for a service technician. We could look at garage doors that are off track all day. One day, we might do a complete article with photos of all the garage doors we have put back on track.

Garage Door Cable Replacement Cost

The garage door cable needs to be changed.

$120-$200 to have cables replaced

(including parts, labor, and service call)

A broken garage door cable is an easy fix, but it should be done by a trained technician. When changing cables with a spring under tension, the technician needs to know how to block the spring and set the cable correctly on the drum, so the door is not open when it is closed. The garage door will look right in the up and down positions.

Depending on the number of cables you are replacing, it can cost up to $200. It is important to make sure that the cables they are installing are of the right thickness to give you years of trouble free service. 3/32” cables are smaller in diameter and are used in builder grade garage doors.

Garage Door Roller Replacement Cost

11 Ball Bearing Nylon Garage Door Rollers

$130-$200 to have ten rollers replaced

(including parts, labor, and service call)

One of the best garage door repairs is roller replacement. Rollers are the tires your garage door runs on, and the full weight of the door is put on these parts as it runs up into the horizontal tracks Making sure your garage door has good rollers will make it easier to open it.

Roller replacement on your garage door can cost anywhere from $130-$200, depending on the type of roller you choose. There are many types of garage door rollers from the basic plastic rollers to the big bad sealed ball bearing roller.

The life span of the rollers will vary depending on what you have installed. The cost of a lifetime roller is prohibitive for most garage door companies.

Reinforcement Strut Installed on Sagging Section

Bent top section on double car garage door

$95-$135 for a single car garage door

$130-$180 for a double car garage door

(including parts, labor, and service call)

If your garage door is sagging or has cracks, you may be able to fix it with a reinforcement strut. Not all garage doors are repairable, especially if the section has lost its integrity or if you have a builder grade garage door. If you catch it before it’s too late, most garage doors can be repaired with a strut which will save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

Ask the garage door company what gauge they use. The strength of the struts used to be 20 gauge. With rising prices and shortages, the new normal has become 22 gauge and some companies will use thinner. If you have a double car garage door, make sure the company you use is installing at least a 22 gauge. It’s even better if you can get a 20 gauge.

Top Section Bent on Single Car Garage Door

The single car garage door has an 8ft strut on top. The crack will not be able to spread.

$95-$135 for a single car garage door

(including parts, labor, and service call)

Many single car garage doors are installed without an automatic opener. An automatic opener is installed due to their popularity and the top section will start cracking, bending and sagging because there is no reinforcement.

If you have a 9ft wide garage door, the cost to have a strut installed on the top section of your single car garage door is between 95 and 135 dollars. Even if a single car width section has lost its integrity, the proper garage door strut on the top section will fix it. Your garage door service company will give the ultimate assessment when they are doing their inspection. It is common for the top center stile to be repaired as well.

Section Sagging on Double Car Garage Door

$130-$180 for a double car garage door

(includes one strut, labor, and service call)

A double car width garage door can be anywhere from 16 feet to 18 feet wide. It is not uncommon for a garage door of this size to have a crack in the middle of it due to age or being hit by a vehicle. If the sagging section is beyond repair, you can use a reinforcement strut to fix it.

If you install one and two, you don’t need further adjustments, but if you don’t, you’ll probably need a spring adjustment. If the springs on your automatic opener are not adjusted properly, the weight from having reinforcement struts installed on your garage door can cause it to wear out before it can be fixed. It will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars if you hire a professional to fix your garage door.

Here is a link to an article we wrote about garage doors sagging.

How Much to Fix a Dented Garage Door?

There is a shadow on the garage door.

The garage door section needs to be replaced.

$500 to replace a garage door.

(including parts, labor, and service call)

Fixing dents in a garage door section is not possible. You may be able to push out the large dents caused by the basketball. It is very hard to remove dents in a garage door section that stretch the metal. A full section replacement is possible if you combine that with a dent that lands on the stamped pattern.

The cost of section replacement depends on the brand and model of garage door you have. There are foam core garage doors that are offered by various manufacturers. Polystyrene white foam is used in some insulated garage door sections.

You can only hope that the section is still available. Some manufacturers are notorious for constantly changing their models. The price of a full replacement is likely to be close to the price of a two section replacement.

Garage Door Tune-up Cost

Lubricating bearings on garage door rollers

$100-$150 for a basic tuneup

(including labor and service call)

A garage door tune-up can include a simple lubrication and adjustment, as well as replacing hinges, cables, bearings plates, rollers and drums. Depending on how many garage doors you have, a basic tune-up will cost between $100 and $150. Track adjustments, spring adjustments, tightening hinges, opener lubrication, and limit adjustments will be included. A trained eye will look over your garage door to determine if parts need to be replaced or reinforced.

A screw drive rail. A light coat of grease in the grooves will make the garage door opener quieter.

The screw drive opener will benefit from some low temp grease on the rail. Over time, chain and belt drive garage door openers need to be tightened up. lubricating the drive sprockets on top of the motor and at the end of the rail will make it easier to operate and quieter.

New Garage Door Replacement Cost

Long stamped carriage garage doors with moonlight windows.

After the sweet taste of low price is forgotten, the bitterness of poor quality continues.

New sections, tracks, springs, cables, rollers, hinges and all hardware are required for garage door replacement. The quality of those parts will be determined by the brand and model you choose. It is more important than ever to ask the right questions about the garage door being installed in your home.

The quality of the garage doors has reached an all-time low. I don’t know if some of the garage doors pass the minimum safety standards, so they can be installed in a home. When comparing garage door companies, make sure you know what you’re looking for. You will have to look at marketing and pictures to find out which garage door is right for you. Let’s look at garage door prices.

Non-insulated Garage Door Replacement Cost

There is a quality non-insulated garage door.

$900-$1200 single car non-insulated garage door

$1500-$1900 double car non-insulated garage door

(including parts and labor)

I would rather have a quality insulated garage door installed in my home than a cheap, builder grade insulated door. The price for a 25 gauge outside face with a top strut is shown here, as well as the price for a 25 gauge top section. There should be nylon rollers with wide body hinges on the garage door.

There is a single row of metal stiles in the center. Two rows were removed to save money.

If you are going to install a double car width garage door, make sure it has three full rows of vertical stiles. The rows of stiles on the garage doors have been slowly removed by Windsor Garage Doors so they can keep the cost down for home builders. A new homeowner won’t be aware of the difference until they have to replace their garage door.

Insulated Garage Door Replacement Cost

The garage door is high quality.

$1500-$1800 single car steel back insulated garage door

$2600-$3000 double car steel back insulated garage door

(including parts and labor)

The steel back insulated garage door has a 27 gauge interior and exterior. You can choose between a 24 gauge outside face and a 27 gauge inside face, but you will pay more. Make sure your installing company uses nylon rollers and wide body hinges, like we mentioned above, if they have non-insulated doors. Due to the increase in weight, the rollers and hinges are even more important.

The garage door was installed by the home builders. The garage door is made of foam. The garage door will be installed in your home.

The garage doors are not as easy to open. The housing boom of the last twenty years has led to less expensive garage doors being in demand to stay competitive.

The garage door was installed by a home builder. The insulation is far from what should be. The garage door is insulated with thin insulation.

Home builders and apartment complexes were able to meet a bid spec with the introduction of foam core, thin Windsor vinyl, and thick steel back garage doors. A garage door that is premature failure will need to be replaced.

If you are interested in learning more about the different types of insulated garage doors, take a look at this extensive article we wrote.

Woodgrain Finish on Metal Garage Doors

Long stamped carriage design in Walnut woodgrain finish.

$350-$600 upgrade cost for single car garage doors

$700-$1200 upgrade cost for double car garage doors

You can upgrade from standard paint to the premium woodgrain finish for less.

Woodgrain patterns on metal garage doors were usually horizontal for a long time. The realism of wood with the low maintenance of a steel garage door can be achieved with bi-directional woodgrain finishes.

Depending on the manufacturer you go with, the upgrade cost to bi-directional woodgrain finishes can vary a lot. You can pay anywhere from $6-$10 per square foot for popular finishes. Where you are and how your garage door company calculates upgrades will affect the price you pay.

Steel back insulated garage doors are the only ones that offer bi-directional woodgrain. If you intended to have non-insulated garage doors installed, you will have to pay the upgrade cost to steel back and the additional cost for the bi-directional wood grain finish. Bi-directional woodgrain finishes have begun to be offered by some manufacturers. Time will tell if the rest of the industry follows.

Glass Garage Door Replacement Cost

Full view frosted glass garage door.

$4500-$7000 for a single car glass garage door

$7000-$10,000 for a double car glass garage door

(including parts and labor)

When it comes to pricing, full-view glass garage doors are in high demand. The frames are made of aluminum and have clear glass. There are a variety of glass options, from thicker 1/2” to obscure, bronze, frosted, or black ice. Standard frames are available in a variety of colors, while powder coat and Kynar options give you more options.

Full-view glass garage doors have a lot of options. If you want to know more about this type of garage door, it is best to meet with someone who can show you some samples and give you more information. Depending on the style and color of the garage doors, they can add up quickly.

Depending on the company you hire, outside vinyl trim and disposal of wood garage doors could be more expensive.

Garage Door Replacement Cost (Labor Only)

$250-$400 for one garage door installed

If the box has already been opened, it will be hard to find a garage door company that will install a door that you already own. It takes more time to install a garage door after someone has already tried it. It is an out-of-pocket expense if your local home store doesn’t include a top strut on single car garage doors.

If you need a new garage door, you should hire a company that can supply it. Warranty is the main reason for this. For at least a year, the company that installs your garage door is responsible for the warranty on the door. If your garage door ever needs warranty repair, you can go back to the manufacturer for help.

Most companies don’t like installing garage doors because they come with inferior spring systems that don’t last as long as the standard one. crappy parts are the last thing you want on a moving object. You can save money in the beginning, but you will end up spending more in the long run if you replace parts at retail value.

Garage Door Replacement Return on Investment

A 93.8% return on investment was achieved by the garage door replacement.

The Remodeling Magazine Cost vs Value Report compares the average costs for 22 remodeling projects against the perceived value you gain as a homeowner when you sell your home. The gold standard for marketing agencies and corporations is the report.

One of the top return on investment home remodeling projects is garage door replacement, because it makes up 1/3 of the front of the house. New designs and woodgrain patterns are released every year by the manufacturers, making garage door replacement a no-brainer for home resale value.

Buying From a Dealer vs Local Box Store

If you want a new garage door, buy it from a dealer who can install it for you. The person you deal with will most likely only deal in garage doors and be an expert in the field. A garage door dealer knows which brands and models to avoid because they also repair them.

A dealer will want you to have the best experience because they will provide warranty on parts and labor. Quality rollers, hinges, springs, and tracks are important for the longevity of your garage door. The installation of a new garage door is one of the most important parts of the process, and local home centers don’t pay their installing companies the highest prices. You get what you paid for.

Opener Gear & Sprocket Replacement Cost

The garage door openers have gears and sprockets.

$150-$200 to replace gear & sprocket assembly

(including parts, labor, and service call)

The Chamberlain, LiftMaster, and Craftsman brands are the most common brands of garage door openers. The brands were manufactured by the same company. Around the ten-year mark, the gear and sprockets on the openers would give out. It was easy to replace parts for years.

The job was more difficult than a standard plastic gear replacement. We removed the complete motor to get it out of the way. Expect to pay a little more for this repair because it is more labor intensive than other simple repairs.

Opener Screw Drive Carriage Replacement Cost

Genie screw drive carriage

$110-$150 to replace one carriage

(including parts, labor, and service call)

The screw drive garage door opener is famous. The older units were popular because they were easy to maintain. Carriage replacement is the most common garage door opener repair. When the teeth on the carriage are removed, you will hear a noise that sounds like a machine gun. The long screw tried to grab the teeth on the carriage.

You don’t need to adjust the limits if you have flip limit switches on the rail. The old carriage can be slid off the front of the rail and replaced with a new one. That is all. Nothing new to it. You can hire a garage door company if you don’t want to do it yourself.

New Remotes Programmed with Service Call

$100-$150 for one remote programmed

(including parts, labor, and service call)

When a customer needs a new remote, I will direct them to a website where they can buy it and program it themselves. A homeowner will have to pay a garage door company a service call as well as the cost of the remote in order to have a garage door. I think it’s a lot of money to spend on programming a remote that you can do yourself for around $30-50.

Paying a service call for a trained technician to check out and service your garage door is worth it. A trained eye can spot worn rollers, frayed cables, or cracked hinges which are good because they can be replaced before they break and cause bigger problems.

New Outside Keypad with Service Call

LiftMaster 878MAX Outside Keypad

$120-$170 for one keypad installed and programmed

(including parts, labor, and service call)

It is possible to program an outside keypad with brands like LiftMaster and Chamberlain, but other brands may require more extensive reading of the owner’s manual. Since it can be a more extensive process, I understand if a homeowner wants a garage door service company to install, program, and calibrate a new keypad. If you want to read the instructions yourself, you can. It’s important to keep in mind that some instructions may be hard to comprehend and interpret.

New Automatic Garage Door Opener Installed

LiftMaster 8160W Garage Door Opener

$400-$650 for one automatic opener installed

(including parts, labor, and service call)

Depending on the features you want with your new opener, the price to have a new opener installed will vary a lot. Chain and belt drive systems are the most popular today. You will get more light in your garage and the bulbs will never need to be replaced. It’s a great option for seniors that have a hard time changing light bulbs in their garage door opener.

The cost of a chain drive garage door opener with standard light bulbs and wi-fi will be between $400 and $500. The manufacturer’s specials will affect how many remotes and keypads you get.

LiftMaster 87504 has a video camera.

The price of garage door openers with video cameras will definitely increase. Depending on the feature set, you can expect to pay anywhere from $650-$800. The LiftMaster openers with I-beam rails are designed for heavy carriage house garage doors.

If you need more remotes and keypads installed at the time of installation, it will cost you between 40 and 70 dollars per remote and keypad. Some garage door companies may charge an additional fee for certain services, but most will help you with basic setup and program your vehicles for free.

Garage Door Opener Installation (Labor Only)

Professional technician installing a new garage door opener.

$150-$250 for one automatic opener installed

A trained technician will install an automatic garage door opener for a realistic price. You should expect to pay for an opener when you give the unit. If you are comparing labor costs from a garage door company to a store, that is not fair. 99% of the time you will get a subpar installation if you go to a local store.

The companies that install garage door openers are paid less than other companies. The business model is to get into the customer’s home through a local home store and sell additional parts to make up for the loss. If you purchase the unit yourself, the warranty will be through the local store. If you ever need to return the unit, you will have to call the manufacturer or remove the unit from the ceiling, so that it can be returned.

The garage door opener was mounted too high above the garage door. A garage door company would not install a garage door opener like this.

The angle that comes in the box of a store bought garage door opener is not what a pro will use. The homeowner has to pay for a service call because the unit wasn’t installed properly from the start.

When purchasing a garage door opener from your local store, you need to ask a few questions.

  • Are they supplying light bulbs?
  • Are they using heavy-duty angle?
  • Are they installing a sway brace?
  • Will they program your vehicle?
  • How much extra to install a keypad?
  • Will they help set up your Wi-Fi?

When you have a professional provide and install a garage door opener, the answer is almost always a resounding “Yes” A company that installs a product will have to use high-quality parts in order to prevent problems throughout the product’s life.

There is a link to an article we wrote on opener installation.

Basic Service Call

$60-$90 for a service call

Some companies will make service calls confusing by calling it a service call. Service companies that love using marketing tactics to confuse customers are very common. If you can email or text them a picture of your problem, most garage door companies will be able to give you a quote.

A basic service call is what most service companies charge. The trip to your home is included in the price of the service call. If you have a broken hinge on your garage door, you can pay $10 to have it fixed. The technician should lubricate your garage doors as part of the service for a total bill of $89.

Send a Photo of Your Garage Door Issue

It is very easy to quote by text message from the photo.

One of the biggest advantages of modern technology is the ability to snap a photo of your garage door issue and send it to a repair company. The company should be able to quote accurate pricing based on your photos if you set expectations. There could be more damaged parts you didn’t see, like a damaged cable. For most of the time, you will have a good idea of what to expect.

Beware of Garage Door Scams

This coupon is offered by a company that doesn’t want to get their subcontractor in your home so they can sell you unneeded repairs.

It is harder for legitimate companies to do business because of the target of garage door repair services. Call centers are used to dispatch service requests to your home. Third-party individuals make all their money by selling you services and parts. They use deceptive garage door coupons and marketing terms so they can get their contractors into your home and force you or your elderly parents to buy things and services at 4-5 times the going rate. Most of the offers are displayed on fancy websites that will look too good to be true.

Technicians Need Room in Garage to Work

If your garage is full, a service company may charge you a trip charge to come out even if they aren’t able to fix it.

A garage door technician will need to back up from the garage door across the full width to fix a spring. The technician needs access to the horizontal tracks if the garage door is not on track.

The area underneath the motor hanging from the ceiling needs to be cleared so they can get to it with their ladder.

Finding a Quality Garage Door Company

There are many articles about garage door repair and replacement. The majority of these articles are written by websites that try to connect homeowners with service companies. They take a large cut from the company you hire, so it is best to stay away from them. The cost will either be inflated or the company will try to make up for the loss by selling more products.

It is the best way to find a good service company. Property managers and real estate agents need qualified companies to make repairs to their homes. Most real estate agents have already looked through the bad contractors and found a few that they trust. If you want to give business cards to people you know who are buying or selling a home, you can take them from the agent. Sharing their information on your social media is a way of thanking them.


The most popular garage door repairs, like spring replacement, cable replacement, roller replacement, and even automatic opener replacement, should be quoted over the phone by a company that is well-known. Residential garage door companies do the same things day in and day out. The repair company can show you the actual damaged part, so you know they are straight with you.

The article was written in 2022, when gas prices and supply shortages were at their peak. No one can guess where it is going because of what we’ve seen in the past few years. Just when we think things are getting better, another price increase is implemented or a local distributor will announce they are no longer selling certain products. The cost of goods and services on your home is greatly affected by all of this.

The prices we quote in this article will be a good starting point to determine if the price is reasonable. If you can find a company that is quoting you somewhere in the middle, you are doing well. If you find a company that quotes above the high price, tell them to leave and find another company. It is a good idea to contact a local real estate agent as most of them have already checked out many local businesses.

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