The load of the door is lightened by the garage door springs. When the heavy door lowers to the ground, it also pushes down on load-bearing springs that create tension. The tension in the garage door springs makes lifting the door up easier when the time comes.

If your door doesn’t open with the opener or even by hand, it’s broken, even if you don’t see it. The lack of force from the springs makes it weigh more than before. It is possible to replace garage door springs on your own, but it can be a bit tricky and dangerous, and the skill required depends on the type of springs you have. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if the process doesn’t seem right, we can install the new springs in no time at all.

The type of springs on the garage door.

There is a big difference in how easy it is to replace the springs on a garage door. There are two springs. Look at your garage door to see what springs you have. Extensions are the springs that run parallel to the tracks on either side of the door. They are in the air. There is a metal rod next to the door opening.

If you have an old door with a single piece that swings up in the air, you may have vertical springs on the other side. Side springs compliment extension springs in the air.

Both extension and torsion springs work in the same way now. When the door closes, they use the weight and gravity of the door to tense it up and give you a reserve of energy so you can open it. The difference is that extension springs stretch to be loaded, so the energy is stored outward and wants to get back to center, while torsion springs are twisted when the door lowers.

How to Replace Torsion Springs

The more dangerous model to work with is the Torsion springs. If you don’t pay attention to the process and don’t know what you’re doing, it can be really dangerous. The springs store a lot garage door opener of energy and you want to keep that bottled up and not lashing out. You have to remember that they are tense. It is safer and easier to call a professional if you are comfortable.

If you are going to replace the springs, you will need a winding bar, which can be used to twist and untwist the springs. There is a winding cone at the end of the springs. The spring can be twisted by the winding bar here. You have to slowly turn the bar while pressing the spring against the door.

You need to close the door when you replace the springs. If one of the two springs on the door is broken, then you are already halfway there. You can put the new springs on the door once the springs are unwound. It is easier to look up a video on how to screw and remove springs from a door.

How to Replace Extension Springs

Extension springs are easy to replace. It is possible to remove and replace the springs on your door. Most of the tension on the springs should be lost once you open the door. When you open the door and begin working on it, you should make sure that it doesn’t fall on you. Attach the new spring to the pulley and the safety cable by removing the springs from the brackets, pulleys and cable.

Should I replace the springs myself?

It depends on how confident you are, whether or not you are looking for a project, and what kind of springs you have. You have a whole day to set aside, and you have extension springs, if you are competent with do-it-yourself projects. You might be able to do it on your own. Replacing springs on a garage door is not a hassle for many of us.

There is a chance that the door isn’t usable if you don’t put everything in place. If the springs are not installed correctly, they can cause a safety hazard for the use of your garage door over time. It can cause tension on the door, which can cause it to break or shorten the lifespan of the opener. If you really know what you’re doing, repairing your own springs is a great way to save a few bucks, but if you don’t, you’ll end up spending more money.

Give us a call if you’re not sure if you’re confident. If you need your springs fixed in a minute, we are more than happy to do it for you.

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