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If you’re a fan of the show Queen of the South, you’re probably wondering about the tequila mentioned often on the show

The Queen of the South has a drink.

If you have been watching the show Queen of the South, you want to know what they sell. Queen of the South may not be a true story, but the book draws inspiration from real-life events.

The TV show has a lot of drinking on it.

There are two brands of tequila on the show. They are made for a TV show.

2 Tequilas On Queen of the South

1. Siete Gotas

The show Queen of the South features Siete Gotas. Teresa’s Bar is named after the neighborhood where Teresa grew up in Culiacan, and is named after the brand of tequila.

The blue Agave plant is found in the lowlands and highlands of Jalisco, Mexico.

It has a smooth, floral, citrus scent. You can drink it neat, on the rock, or as a cocktail, but on the show, it’s widely consumed.

If you like to drink tequila aejo, you will love it because it is rich in caramel and vanilla flavor.

2. Dos Chaidez Tequila

In the show Queen of the South, Dos Chaidez is seen. It was aged in oak barrels.

The Queen of the South said that this was one of the best tequilas in the world. It is a good idea to drink neat with lime or on the rocks.

How Much Did The Tequilas Cost?

The amount of Siete Gotas, a premium aejo tequila made from blue agave, was not disclosed by the show, but it is between $80 and $300 per bottle.

Since the bar is a front for liquid cocaine, each bottle should cost more than an average premium, but still be affordable.

Dos Chaidez Tequila

The Queen of the South, Dos Chaidez, costs $2,000 per bottle. According to Culture Map, it’s more expensive than Don Julio Real tequila but not as expensive as Diamond sterling.

It is one of the best-tasting tequilas in the world, and it should be because it is cheap.

It is possible to drink the drink neat, with lime, on the rocks or as a cocktail.

On the show Queen of the South, Epifao drank the Dos Chaidez. While sleeping in his home in Mexico, Epifao had a nightmare about his parents.

Epifao poured some Dos Chaidez while petting Isabela.

The most expensive bottle of liquor in the show is the tequila drink, and according to the show’s lead actress, it’s the best she’s ever tasted.

Are The Tequilas Real?

Siete Gotas is not real. You can’t buy a drink in a retail store because it’s for the series.

Villa One Silver tequila, Jose Cuervo Aejo, Jose Cuervo Especial, and Don Julio Silver tequila are some of the spirits that you can try.

Dos Chaidez Tequila

Dos Chaidez is not a real bottle of alcohol. It’s not for sale because it’s for the show. Queen of the South was inspired by the drug world organic oolong tea in real life.

Even though it is not on the market, it is the most expensive bottle of tequila that is in the show.


Is there any alcohol on the Queen of the South?

There are different alcohols on Queen of the South Whiskey, vodka, and beer are some of the popular drinks. The most popular alcoholic beverage on the show is tequila.

What did Siete Gotas mean?

The name of Teresa’s bar is Siete Gotas, which means seven drops in Spanish. It was named after the village where Teresa lived.

Final Thoughts on Queen Of The South’s Tequila

They used the bottles to smuggle liquid cocaine in the show Queen of the South. The brands of tequila featured on the show are not real and were made for the show.

We don’t get a chance to taste a glass of expensive tequilas featured on the show, but there are other options you can try like Jose Cuervo.

You can get a glass of your favorite liquor or cocktail in the world before you watch a show.

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