I decided to add this as one of our main information pages because it is a complaint I often come across when researching the best wine coolers on the market. This seems to be an incredibly personal issue.

It can be difficult to decide on a model that will suit you best and the noise factor is important to you. I would be rich if I had a penny for every wine cooler review.

There are a few things that can help you make a decision. I think we need to look at the type of cooling system that is used in a wine cooler. The one part of your appliance that will produce the highest noise levels is the one that is located here.

Electric Wine Coolers

A compressor based electric system is what this wine cooler uses. Unlike your fridge, the temperature best beverage coolers in a wine cooler like this can be set and it will stay the same.

The systems I have for you below are noisier than the compressor based cooling systems I have for you.

A big plus for these systems is that they have a larger temperature range than the next system. If you store dessert wines you need to chill them a little more.

Thermo-Electric Wine Coolers

The technology used in the wine coolers is one step further than before. This type of cooling system has less moving parts and therefore produces less noise using the Peltier technology. If you don’t already know, it also helps in terms of vibration, which can upset your wine.

If you want a cooler that is more quiet, you should check the temperature range you can set for it. If you use a wine cooler that is too high for dessert wines, it will not be cold enough.

You won’t be able to store wine larger than about 30 bottles with this type of cooling system. All is not gone. Vinotemp produces larger coolers that combine both electric and thermo-electric cooling.

This type of technology is used with wine coolers. It does not need a compressor or other moving parts that can produce a lot of noise. You will find the smaller size coolers with this type of technology, but there are only a few of them.

The type of cooling system you can choose will be determined by the budget. The quieter models are more expensive because they use advanced technology.

Alternatively, you could place it somewhere where the noise won’t bother you. It might save you some money.

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