The UK’s first operator to offer unlimited data with both 4G and 5G contracts. The move comes as it switches on 5G in seven UK cities, following on the heels of EE in the UK.

There are three speed-tiered data plans that start at £23 a month. There is no premium charge for data on 5G contracts, but the second and third level speed-tiering effectively puts the brakes on.

The top-tier unlimited plan will allow speeds that are 100 times faster than the current 4G network of the company. The company said that it would change the industry for the better.

Europe will follow the US in offering unlimited 5G data plans as standard, according to an executive at a US carrier.

The first operator to launch 5G in the UK wasVodafone. In the UK, EE switched on 5G. O2 expects 5G in the fall. The first UK cities to receive 5G services are London, Manchester, and Glasgow.

The UK, Germany, Italy and Spain are where 5G roaming will be offered from launch. The unlimited 4G plans can be used in 77 destinations.

According to analyst house CCS Insight, Vodafone has taken a leadership position in the UK market by moving to unlimited data. The conservative brand is at odds with the move.

After a recent period of turmoil,Vodafone has its swagger back. Kester Mann, director of CCS Insight’s consumer unlimited data sim and connectivity division, said that there was an air of optimism and ambition to regain former glories in the home market.

The emergence of a challenger mentality can be seen in the move into unlimited data byVodafone. This approach is very different from its usual approach. It could be bad news for Three, which has a strategy based on challenging industry standards.

The launch of speed-tiered unlimited data tariffs is the big story. The value of megabytes and gigabytes will only be appreciated by consumers when they understand the concept of a new concept. It could prove to be a powerful acquisition tool, once understood.

unlimited mobile access at speeds as fast as the device and the network will allow is included in the plan. The plans are available on pay-monthly and pay-as-you-go terms.

The new service combines mobile and broadband in one bill.

The way we live and work will be changed by 5G. The demand for data is going to increase with 5G, as our customers are streaming over 50 per cent more content than they did last year.

We want to remove the limits on data so that we can really propel the UK into the digital age. We will change the market by offering unlimited plans. We will give customers all the information they need.

Mann said that the new brand, single billing and attractive pricing of the service should make it more attractive for people to use it.

Lewis Hamilton has been appointed as a 5G ambassador.

The first company to introduce multiple antenna in Europe wasVodafone. The 5G base stations have 100gigabit-per-second capable optical fibre connections. It is using a single all-fibre network, called RedStream, to deliver its services.

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