The life force at the base of the spine is what yoga is all about. A series of physical and mental exercises is what it aims to do. Various yoga postures are meant to keep the body healthy.

Mental techniques include breathing exercises and meditation.

The ultimate goal of yoga is to help the individual to get out of their shell.

To be successful at yoga, you have to have the right equipment. If you’re new to yoga, it can be difficult to find the right yoga clothes natural yoga wear. You should be more conscious about the clothes you wear.

The yoga brands are creating clothes and accessories that help clean the world while you clean your mind and body.

The brand name Kosmos comes from the ancient Greek spelling of cosmos, which means a whole harmonious and orderly system that is governed by natural law. ECONYL® fabric is made from recycled fishing nets and post-consumer waste and is used in yoga clothes. Kosmos doesn’t use oil in production to reduce air pollution or help with climate change They manufacture their garments in buildings that are powered by renewable energy sources and have full trace back to their supply chain. Free UK delivery on orders over £100, standard UK delivery, and worldwide shipping are all available.

The Indian label focuses on two ancient crafts of India. In an attempt to keep these crafts alive, the craftsmen use a bridge between their skills and modern designs. Everything is handmade and you can see it in the finish. A better standard of living is achieved by the large number of people employed in various villages of West Bengal and Rajasthan. You can get free shipping on your first purchase.

The brand of Indigo Luna is built on quality, transparency, eco-consciousness and sustainable manufacturing practices. Slow creation of their garments, including yoga clothes, swimwear, intimates and accessories, is a priority. Their intimates are dyed using 100% plant dyes, creating colors directly from nature with all run-off and waste being organic or compostable. They use GOTS certified organic cotton and all of their nylon leggings and swimwear are made from recycled nylon and plastic. Free UK and EU shipping for orders over 200 is included.

Nitara was born from a need for mat-wear that was an honest reflection of compassionate and conscious living. The clothes are made from recycled plastic. The brand’s motto is “Honor the Earth and the Community” and it means to be deeply roots or grounded in Sanskrit. UK shipping is £5, international shipping is £15.

13 super chic brands are making the most.

Juru yoga is a brand that strives to deliver innovative, comfortable and trendy eco-friendly yoga mats and accessories made from sustainable resources. The brand believes that their products are an outcome of love, built to celebrate yoga’s many successes, a gift from one yoga teacher to another. Delivery is free in India and worldwide.

The founder of Carrot Banana Peach was inspired by his trip to Malaysia and created the brand almost 20 years ago. This ethical brand has expanded its products to include bamboo, soy, and organic cotton. Over the years, their creations have been created through a yoga community. The goal of the yoga community is to create yoga clothes made from natural and sustainable materials. Next day delivery and worldwide shipping are available.

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